UVic Permaculture


The School of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria (Coast Salish Territories) offers two permaculture courses taught by instructors Mike Simpson and Hannah Roessler.

The first course focuses on design methods. Students are partnered with community organizations to create permaculture designs. The second course is a week long field school hosted at Linnaea Farm on Cortes Island BC, where students learn applied skills related to the implementation and maintenance of permaculture systems.

This online space features blog posts written by students about their experiences at the field school,¬† showcases some of the students’ design work, and also provides information on some of the UVic permaculture students’ favourite plants. We hope you’ll enjoy taking a look around at our projects and following our learning journey in ecological design.

Watch this video about the field course created by UVic permaculture student Devon Goldie:

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